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Summarizing a text
Summarizing lengthy texts can be a time-consuming task, especially when dealing with longer…
How to write great meeting notes
Meeting notes are crucial for extracting as much value as possible from a meeting. However, to be…
Thematic Analysis - a Method for Deeper Insights
Thematic analysis is a method used to analyze qualitative data. It involves coding and sorting data…
Transcribing voice memos on iPhone
Voice Memo is a simple and convenient app for recording conversations directly on your iPhone. But…
Case Study: An In-Depth Tool for Research and Analysis
What is actually a case study? It is a method that occurs in many different types of research. It…
Semi-structured interview - how to get started
A semi-structured interview combines the best of both worlds: structure and flexibility. You mix a…
Introduction to Content Analysis
Content analysis is a technique in qualitative research used to understand and interpret the…
How to Record Interviews: A Comprehensive Guide
When conducting many interviews, it's often a significant advantage to record them. A major benefit…
Make your qualitative interviews Cheaper and Faster
Why Transcribe in Qualitative Research? When conducting qualitative research and interviews,…


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