Your data, our priority


Secure information management is our top priority. We encrypt all traffic and stored files. For highly sensitive organizations, we offer customized configurations to achieve exceptionally high security levels. Schedule a meeting with us, and we'll tell you more.

Operation of the service

We provide a secure and reliable operational environment for our transcription services.

We can also offer on-premises operations entirely within Sweden for customers who want a local operational environment. We also provide the option to operate our platform entirely on-premise (i.e., locally at your site), allowing you as a customer to have full control over your data management and operational environment.

    Sensitive information

    We handle all data securely. We encrypt all traffic to the system to protect data during transmission. We also employ at-rest encryption for all files to ensure data privacy. We securely store texts on our servers to make them available in the customer portal. Any sensitive information is removed when a customer deletes files from their account.

      Secure login

      We offer the option for multi-step logins as well as BankID authentication. You can also customize privacy settings for your projects.