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An interview with Mattias - The mathematician behind Klang.ai
Are you curious about getting to know the team behind Klang.ai? Today, Mattias Fält, Ph.D. in…
Improved speaker identification
Today we are excited to share something that we know will make a big difference in the experience…
Your data is valuable - How we view training on customer data
Services like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Microsoft's Copilot, and Google's Bard all share a common thread:…
All it takes is 5 seconds - Challenges with AI and Text-to-Speech
Did you know that all it takes to replicate your voice is five seconds of audio? Text-to-speech is…
L2S is now Klang - Same service, new name!
We are pleased to announce that we are now entering the next phase of our journey. L2S has changed…
Streamline your interviews with transcriptions
Conducting interviews is a crucial part of many professions, from journalism to recruitment and…


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