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Introduction to Content Analysis

Niklas Silfverström
Niklas SilfverströmCo-founder

Introduction to Content Analysis

Content analysis is a technique in qualitative research used to understand and interpret the meaning of textual material.

It's a method that is particularly useful for analyzing the content of interviews.

Why Use Content Analysis?

The core of content analysis is to extract and understand the deeper meaning of the text. By focusing on both content and context, content analysis aims to provide an overarching summary of a topic while preserving the original information value of the text. This makes it possible to identify and compare themes, patterns, and differences in the text, which is crucial for understanding its full significance.

Examples of Content Analysis Application

Let's take a practical example. Imagine we have a series of transcribed interviews from Swedish corporate leaders about their views on workplace digitalization. Our task is to understand the key themes, opinions, and insights that emerge in these interviews.

Using a data-driven content analysis, we start by carefully examining the interviews to identify recurring concepts and statements related to digitalization. We mark these segments and reduce them to more concentrated formulations. Then, we group these reduced expressions into subcategories, such as "Benefits of Digitalization," "Challenges," and "Future Visions." Each subcategory then becomes a building block in our overall understanding of the material.

Finally, we combine these subcategories into broader categories and create an overarching view between the categories. This might include insights on how corporate leaders view the balance between working on-site or remotely or how they perceive AI's impact on digitalization.

In this way, we can create a detailed and nuanced picture of the opinions from our interviews.

Transcribing Interviews

To apply content analysis to interviews, we need to transcribe the interviews into text that can be worked with. This is where tools like Klang.ai come into play. We assist by automatically transcribing interviews from video meetings, dictaphones, or phone calls. You then automatically get your interviews transcribed, summarized, and assistance with continuing to analyze them in the system. If you want to try the service, create a free account at Klang.ai and see how it works.

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