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How to write great meeting notes

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How to write great meeting notes

Meeting notes are crucial for extracting as much value as possible from a meeting. However, to be useful, meeting notes must be clear and understandable for everyone involved. Below are some guidelines on how to write effective meeting notes and how you can use Klang.ai to optimize the process.

The Critical Role of Clarity

The first step in writing effective meeting notes is to ensure they are clear. This means writing concisely and precisely about decisions made and pending tasks. Use short but descriptive headings for each point and ensure you include all important details. It's also vital to write in a manner that is understandable to everyone involved, regardless of their background or level of expertise.

Automation with Klang.ai

With Klang.ai, you can automate the process of writing meeting notes and save time. Using the "Ask Klang.ai" feature, you can get automatic summaries and action items based on your meeting notes. This can help ensure you don't miss any important details and have a clear list of pending tasks.

How to Use "Ask Klang.ai"

  1. Record and upload your meeting.
  2. Open Klang.ai and select "Ask Klang.ai".
  3. Write a prompt describing what you want a summary or action points of. For example: "Write a summary from the meeting".
  4. Click "Ask" and wait for Klang.ai to generate your summary or action points.

Key Elements to Include in Meeting Notes

When writing meeting notes, including certain types of information can facilitate follow-up work. Here are some examples:

  • Summaries: A brief summary of decisions made during the meeting can help everyone involved understand the remaining tasks.
  • Action Items: A list of action items and who is responsible for each task can help ensure all tasks are completed correctly and on time.
  • Decisions: If any decisions were made during the meeting, include them in your meeting notes so that everyone involved has the same understanding of what was decided.
  • Future Steps: If any future steps are planned, include them in your meeting notes so that everyone involved knows what will happen next.


Meeting notes are a vital part of work within many organizations, but they can be time-consuming to write. By writing clear notes and using tools like Klang.ai, you can streamline the process and save time. It's important to make your meeting notes clear and understandable for everyone involved and to include all important details. Doing so can help ensure that everyone involved has the same understanding of what was decided during the meeting and what remains to be done.

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