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Streamline your interviews with transcriptions

Niklas Silfverström
Niklas SilfverströmCo-founder

Streamline your interviews with transcriptions

Conducting interviews is a crucial part of many professions, from journalism to recruitment and research. However, it can be a time-consuming process to listen to recordings or go through notes to find the important pieces. Therefore, using transcriptions can be of significant help in streamlining this process.

What is a transcription?

A transcription is a written version of an audio or video recording. It is a word-for-word translation of everything that is said in the recording. This can be done either manually, by someone listening to the recording and writing down what is said, or by using an automated transcription service that uses speech recognition technology to convert the audio into text.

Benefits of using transcriptions

Transcriptions can be used in various ways to streamline interviews. Here are some of the key benefits:

Faster and easier to find important parts

Having a written version of the interview makes it easier and faster to locate the parts that are most relevant to you. You can search for keywords or phrases in the text to find the portions you want to use. This saves time and makes it easier to focus on the most critical parts of the interview.

Increases accuracy

Having a transcription can also increase the accuracy of your research or analysis. When working with audio or video recordings, it can be easy to miss important details or mishear something. Having a written version of the interview allows you to easily see what was actually said and avoid misunderstandings.

Facilitates easy summarization

A transcription can also be helpful when you need to summarize the interview. Instead of having to listen through the entire recording or go through your notes, you can quickly get an overview of the interview by looking at the transcription.

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