Improved speaker identification

Niklas Silfverström
Niklas SilfverströmCo-founder

Improved speaker identification

Today we are excited to share something that we know will make a big difference in the experience with Klang.

We have updated the identification of speakers in Klang, one of the toughest problems we are working on. Sound is a tricky problem and in interviews we often see situations where the conversation is filled with filler words and where people talk over each other. This tends to create situations where the text blends together in each segment.

Our latest AI model has been loaded with superpowers to tackle these very challenges. The accuracy has skyrocketed from about 90% to 99.2%!

This means that almost every 'oops, we talked over each other' moment is caught, which improves the flow of conversation. This improves transcription which in turn enhances the quality of our summaries and subsequent analyses.

As always, continue to give us feedback so that we can continue to grow and improve together.

/ Niklas from the Klang team"

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