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Voice recording for recording and transcribing meetings and interviews

Voice recording for recording and transcribing meetings and interviews

The Dictaphone feature makes it easy to record and transcribe physical meetings and interviews.

With a simple click, you can start the recording, and once it's finished, you'll have a high-quality transcription within minutes.

On's homepage, just press "Dictaphone" to get started!

Optimized for Mobile Phones

Turn your mobile phone into a powerful dictaphone with automatic transcription. The next time you conduct an interview, you can skip the paper notes and instead focus entirely on the conversation.'s web-based platform is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices like Samsung and Huawei. No extra app is needed – just open your web browser and use the feature.

Automatic Speaker Identification Streamlines Interviews

Whether you're conducting research interviews or employment interviews, the Dictaphone function takes your interview process to the next level. automatically handles the speaker identification, allowing you to focus on the content rather than manual documentation.

Perfect for Meeting Notes

Make the notepad obsolete by using the Dictaphone function to create perfect meeting notes.'s user-friendly interface and automated features allow you to quickly capture and document important information from meetings without hassle.

Discover the benefits of's Dictaphone function and create effective and accurate transcriptions in no time. A powerful tool to ease your interview process and optimize meeting documentation.

Do you need to transcribe interviews and other conversations? is free to try and the quality is comparable to manual transcription.Try now


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