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Transcribe video meetings in Teams och Google Meet

Transcribe video meetings in Teams och Google Meet

Klang offers two convenient methods for transcription and automatic creation of meeting notes in video meetings. You can invite our AI secretary to your meeting by simply sending an invitation or by pasting the meeting link directly on the platform.

The AI assistant joins a meeting just like a regular user, so you will need to let it in when you receive a notification that it wants to join.

A unique feature is that the AI assistant can also perform automatic speaker identification. It identifies the speakers in the meeting and correctly attributes their speech, resulting in a transcription with the correct names for each speaker.

Perfect for online interviews

The increasing trend of online interviews has made Klang's AI secretary an indispensable resource for documenting and transcribing these meetings. Whether you're conducting employment interviews, research interviews, or other online contexts, our AI secretary delivers precision and efficiency.

In online interviews, the unique feature of the AI secretary becomes particularly evident. It seamlessly connects to your virtual meeting and identifies the speakers, resulting in an accurate transcription with correct name association. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and clarity of the dialogue, especially when participants are not physically present.

To further facilitate online interviews, Klang has integrated an advanced "Questions and Answers" feature. This smart AI function analyzes the meeting content and automatically compiles questions and answers. This functionality becomes particularly valuable for qualitative analysis, where the ability to quickly overview and analyze interview content is central. With Klang's AI assistant, online interviews become not only smooth but also rich in useful insights, critical for driving qualitative research and understanding the in-depth aspects of interaction.

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