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Transcribe interviews and meetings with highest quality

Transcribe interviews and meetings with highest quality is a very versatile transcription platform, whether it involves interviews, meetings, or lectures. The service can be used in various ways to suit your needs.

  • Upload recordings of interviews and other conversations
    Our service supports all common video and audio formats, and there are no problems handling long files that span several hours.
  • Transcribe physical interviews and meetings with the voice recorder service
    Transcribe physical interviews and meetings using our convenient voice recorder service. Get immediate and accurate transcriptions from your meetings.
  • Automatically take meeting notes from Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet with the AI assistant
    Streamline the meeting process by automating the generation of meeting notes from Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet with the help of our advanced AI assistant.

    Read more about the AI Assistant
  • Transcribe and subtitle videos from Youtube
    Make your Youtube videos accessible and searchable by transcribing and adding subtitles. Increase the reach and accessibility of your video content.

Europe's best AI transcription

We are proud to be a Swedish company based in Skåne, and our AI-based transcription maintains the highest quality. Our technology is specially trained to deliver outstanding performance in several languages and can even transcribe dialects with high precision.

When the audio quality is high and the language is clear, the result is comparable to a professional transcription!

Your transcriptions are in safe hands

We understand the importance of protecting the integrity and security of the data we handle. Klang ensures that every transcription is conducted in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This European legislation is of utmost importance for ensuring proper treatment of personal data.

Our transcription service handles sensitive information with the highest confidentiality. Every step of the process, from uploading files to delivering transcribed texts, follows GDPR standards for data security. We strive to create a safe and trustworthy platform where users can be confident that their data is handled securely.

Our dedication to GDPR security combined with high-quality transcription makes Klang the obvious choice for those who value both precision and integrity in the handling of their audio and text data.

Read more about how we handle security

Do you need to transcribe interviews and other conversations? is free to try and the quality is comparable to manual transcription.Try now


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