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Organize your interviews and transcriptions

Organize your interviews and transcriptions

Klang.ai features a smooth and user-friendly platform for creating and organizing projects, especially when you are intensively transcribing meetings and interviews. You also have the ability to fine-tune project permissions to ensure that only those who need access have it.

Manage your projects

On the homepage under "My Projects," you get a quick overview of your projects. Here, you can easily create new projects to organize and structure your transcriptions clearly. What's more important is the ability to fine-tune project permissions to ensure that only the people who need access get it. By specifying which individuals in your workgroup should have permission, you avoid the unintended spread of sensitive information.

You can give your project a clear title and select which people in your workspace should have access.

Secure file management within projects

Once you have created a project, you can easily navigate into the project to upload relevant files. The security-conscious structure ensures that only users who have specific rights to the project can review and edit the transcriptions. This step is crucial to ensure that only authorized users have access to the project's content, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Folder structure for extra organization

For further structure and organization, Klang offers the possibility to create directory structures. While projects themselves provide efficient organization for many users, the folder functionality adds extra flexibility for those managing extensive amounts of transcriptions. This structured handling of files and folders not only facilitates the user experience but also increases security by enabling even clearer control over the flow of information.

Klang.ai strives to combine user-friendliness with a high security standard to create a platform where you can focus on your projects without compromising the integrity and security of your information.

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