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Intuitive and powerful editing tool for transcriptions

Intuitive and powerful editing tool for transcriptions

In most cases, transcriptions in Klang are generated almost flawlessly. However, we understand there may be instances when fine-tuning is required or when the names of speakers need to be changed. To facilitate this editing process, we have developed an editing tool in Klang, which aims to be both intuitive and powerful.

Our editing tool makes it easy to make adjustments and changes to the transcription. There is also a feature that automatically detects potential errors in the text, enabling quick and efficient corrections. This way, you can go from an almost flawless transcription to a completely error-free one in just a few minutes per audio hour.

Editing speakers

You can easily edit speakers, add new ones, and change their names by simply clicking on the speaker's name. For increased clarity, the speakers are color-coded, so the same speaker always has the same color even in different transcriptions.

Suggestions for changes

Klang.ai provides automatic suggestions for changes to facilitate the correction of any errors. The AI model highlights sections where it is unsure, for example, due to poor audio quality or unclear speech. This enables the transition from an almost flawless transcription to one that is 100% accurate with minimal time investment.

Smart shortcuts and search

For those who use the editor frequently, we have implemented practical shortcuts to increase efficiency.

For example, you can jump to a specific word and play the sound by simply clicking on it.

Our powerful search function makes it easy to search for and replace text, which can be useful if a name is misspelled.

How to activate the editor

In the transcription view, there is a button in the upper right corner labeled "Edit" that activates editing mode. Once in editing mode, you can change the text by clicking on a spot in the transcription and typing with the keyboard, just like in a regular word processing program.

There is also a player built into the editor, making it easy to listen to the audio and compare it with the transcription.

Special editing mode for subtitles

The editing mode is specially designed for editing subtitles for video. By simply switching to "subtitle mode" in the right menu, each line of text can be edited individually, and the display time adjusted. Once the subtitles are edited and ready, they can be easily exported in the desired file format, such as SRT or VTT.

By taking advantage of Klang's powerful editing tools, you can not only customize transcriptions to your needs but also streamline the entire editing process. We continuously strive to offer user-friendly tools that give you complete control over your text data.

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