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AI summaries of interviews and meetings

AI summaries of interviews and meetings

At Klang, we aim to provide not just smooth transcription tools but also practical features like smart AI summaries. This feature allows for a quick and easy overview of the most relevant points discussed during meetings, interviews, and other recorded contexts.

For interviews, we also have a smart and time-saving function that automatically compiles questions and answers.

How do smart AI summaries work?

When you create a transcription in, our AI automatically analyzes the content and identifies key points and information. Instead of navigating through the entire transcription to find specific details, you can easily take advantage of the summary feature to get a quick overview of the most relevant content.

Finding smart AI summaries in Klang

Once your transcription is complete, you'll find an overview of smart AI summaries in the transcription view.

Example of a summary

Suppose you've transcribed a meeting where several topics were discussed. Instead of reviewing every word, you can easily use smart AI summaries to quickly identify the key points. Here's an example:

During the meeting, the project status and potential challenges that needed to be addressed were discussed. A clear deadline for completion was set for next week. Additionally, several new ideas for product optimization were presented, and an action plan to evaluate these ideas going forward was discussed. A decision was also made to schedule an additional meeting to follow up on the discussions, and specific tasks were assigned to team members for the coming weeks.

Benefits of smart AI Summaries

Using smart AI summaries in offers several advantages. First, it saves time by eliminating the need to search through the entire transcription. Moreover, it provides a quick overview of the most relevant content and promotes more efficient communication within the team.

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