A Swedish company with your data in mind

Secure data storage

As a Swedish company within the EU, data protection and GDPR compliance are paramount to us. Book a meeting with us to learn more about how we approach GDPR.

A secure provider

We have many wonderful customers with specific needs and preferences when it comes to feeling secure with their provider. We are proud to always offer our customers a data processing agreement and are delighted to strive to meet all individual customer preferences - no matter what they may be.

We aim to listen to our customers' individual needs and adapt to them to create a secure and reliable relationship.

    Customer data

    All customer data and personal information that you handle through the platform are managed in compliance with GDPR.

      High level of security

      We have experience in meeting high standards when it comes to technology and procedures for data security and personal data management. We focus on crucial aspects such as encryption, regular backups, and can offer additional secure login options to ensure that all data is protected and secure.